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Virtual Counseling Available across New York State

Schedule An Appointment with Our Psychotherapists in New York, NY

High-fidelity and Evidenced-Based Counseling

Schedule an appointment with our psychotherapist in New York, NY

Are you ready to reach your goals with full confidence and take control of your life? Our mission at KIN is to provide high-fidelity professional counseling, psychotherapy, performance coaching, clinical supervision/ consultation, and team training to children and adults in New York City and greater New York State. We help you take action towards reaching your life and career goals. From mental health counseling to family therapy sessions, you can turn to us for all your counseling needs.

Schedule an appointment with our psychotherapist today in New York, NY. We can't wait to help you unlock your full potential.

Offering Virtual Tele-Therapy to NYC And New York State Residents
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Discover All the Ways We Can Help

KIN Psychotherapy Mental Health Counseling serves a unique talent market from a wide variety of diverse industries in:

  • Music,

  • Film,

  • Sports,

  • Television,

  • Academia, and

  • High-level corporate professions.

We offer a full range of psychotherapy services to our patients
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