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Schedule an Appointment for Performance Coaching

Schedule an Appointment for Performance Coaching in New York, NY

Performance coaching is a concierge service provided to sustain your performance at the time you need it the most. If you're ready to win bigger, boost your potential and optimize your performance, we can help. Our coach at KIN Psychotherapy Mental Health Counseling offers professional performance coaching to adult athletes/performers and teen athletes in New York, NY.

We'll help you say goodbye to self-doubt, external criticisms, and perfectionism while perfecting your craft. Meet with our entertainment industry therapist today by calling

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Performance Coaching Sessions

Initial performance coaching sessions are one hour, in which direct observation of the problem is observed in its natural setting. Once direct observations are complete, an initial feedback assessment is completed. We provide performance coaching sessions for issues like:

Test-Taker Anxiety

Injury and Re-Injury

Celebrity Worship and Dual-Identity

Inadequacy vs. Perfectionism

Performance Anxiety

Role Conflict

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If you're looking to optimize and strengthen your performance on the court, stage, field or lecture hall, call (917) 806-4024 and ask about performance coaching services today at KIN.
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