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Helping You, Helps Others

Adult Psychotherapy with KIN in New York, NY

KIN focuses on serving a unique talent market from diverse industries including music, film, performing arts, athletics, television, entrepreneurship, academia, and high-level corporate professions.


Our mission within adult psychotherapy is to create spaces to decelerate, re-process, and take action towards maintaining high-level engagement wherever you may be in the world and/or career. Schedule a free consult call with us today in New York, NY.

Working in Office
Choose KIN for Professional Counseling or Adult Psychotherapy

KIN specializes in intersectional identity, trauma, and learned intimacy/ vulnerability in professional counseling, but also commonly treats a multitude of presenting concerns as listed below.

Mood Disorders

This can include but is not limited to depression, generalized anxiety, bipolar disorders, feeding/ eating disorders, PTSD, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorders, impulse control disorders, sexual dysfunctions, substance use, etc.


This can include but is not limited to PTSD, reactive attachments, dissociative disorders, acute stress, adjustment disorder, grief/ bereavement counseling, etc.

Specialized Focus

We specialize in intersectional trauma, identity, and learned intimacy/ vulnerability; traumatic brain injury (TBI/ ABI); integrative psychotherapy, and performance coaching.

Commonly Presenting Problems

This can include but is not limited to insomnia, anger management, helplessness, hopelessness, excessive spending, childhood traumatic experiences, mania, difficulty concentrating, suicidality, hallucinations/ delusions, aggressivity, impulse regulation, among many others.

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Learn more about our adult psychotherapy sessions today by calling 917-806-4024 or by email at We'll be glad to answer any of your questions.
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